Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A quick Observation Game

In this post we will present to you a simple, fun and beneficial game for children.
You can play the game with random objects or with prepared set of pictures, or with special cards everyone can simply prepare at home.

The cards can be simple (shapes, colors, animals etc.), or more complex. for example:
  1. letters and words
  2. Numbers, mathematical equation, mathematical equation results.
  3. The beginning of a an idiom, known squat etc.
  4. Formulas and equations....
You can download our cards in PDF files (Acrobat), 10 A4 Colored pages here, or Black & White file that you can print and color with your kids here.

The game works on various skills, and you can raise the difficulty in different ways.

The instructions are simple:
The parent/teacher stands with the children at the starting point and asks them to bring him "X" The children need to locate a sample of this "X" and bring it to the parent/teacher or to their box/hoop.

A variation of the game can be played when one of the children is the one giving the instructions to his friends/parents/family - thus challenging him to take a lead.

Difficulty levels:
  1. Hearing observation - singular, double or triple for example:
    Singular - bring me a red circle (in lower levels you can ask for only a circle/triangle etc.)
    - bring me a green turtle (from a group of animals)
    - bring me a pink big horse.
  2. Memory observation - for example, bring me a red triangle and a green square.
    Raising the difficulty level - bring me a red circle, yellow turtle and a pink horse.
  3. Categorical observation.
  4. Observation skills.
  5. Response speed
  6. Speed - who can run the fastest and collect the objects from the predefined play zone.
  7. Focus - listening and perform.
  8. With small children - focus them with concentrating all the cards/objects to the instructor, or to each of their boxes or hoops.
You can play this game with 1 child and more - up to the size of a class. You need to match the number of objects/cards/pictures accordingly. In my class each child has a set of cards with letters, numbers etc for different games - personal and group ones.

In my experience, children love this game because it is challenging, fast and interesting. In the social aspect it encourages a healthy competition or a collaboration against the instructor in teamwork, if they all decide to collect everything as a team and help each other.

In the educational-teaching aspect this is an excellent game for creating a flow and practicing and memorizing a recently studied material in a fun way.

For example: recognizing letters, the construction of a word or a phrase, recognizing numbers etc.

The game can be played with children in various ages.

Attached for your convenience you can find 2 PDF files with optional cards in our public Drive.

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