Monday, April 20, 2015

Playing catch and self esteem

Playing catch with a ball demand motor skills:

1. eye hand coordination.
2. power adjustment.
3. catching with hands/ legs/ accessories.
4. coordination (basic or complex).

social skills:
1. willingness to play with others.
2. sharing
3. plying with friend/ friends

emotional skills:
1. diligence.
2. don't being frustrated.
3. self confidence.

Children who succeed catching and throwing a ball are exited and full of pride, while playing football or catching. the excitement is most highly to toddlers (up to 4-5 years old), but recognized in any new game, with special balls, and after sequence of no success, if happened.

The skill of catching and throwing is building gradually from very young age while rolling ball to a baby and improving the eye- tracking, the eye- hand motor, touching the ball and eventually rolling it back.
The ability to catch and throw different sized balls in games and real life, and being afraid of "not catching" might cause anxiety. we wrote is another post on gender equality and it's connection to motor skills- those are important once.

Here are five catching games that work on all the skills and increasing self esteem :)

  1. Rolling balls at different sizes from one to another-
    start with big ball (to toddlers) and change the sizes.
    you can play with two balls- roll two with both hands, or roll in the same time.
  2. Playing catch (soft ball in the beginning)- slowly increasing the space between and players.
    you can also play standing on one led (from age 5), in movement (from age 4).
  3. Kicking- great for power adjustment, from age 2-2.5.
  4. Throwing a ball while catching it with an object/ tool-
    using box, basket, bag or etc.
    It is a fun game that improves eye- hand coordination and movement planning.
  5. Touch and throw, with no catching- you can play with balloons, balls, beans bags (above 6 you can use a hoop).
    The aim it to leave the ball/ balloon in the air.
    you can count up to 10/21/30 with no falls.
    The game demand high precision.

* You can challenge the children - standing on a firm bench or togo.

Enjoy :)

- Remember to fit the difficulty levels to the age and abilities of the children.
- you can play all the games also in groups.

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