Monday, April 6, 2015

Air balloons games

We are happy to introduce you to a game with 8 difficulties levels.

Balloons are accessible, cheap, light weighted and fun. Even adults enjoy playing with balloons (soap bubbles, for example).

I always keep balloons at home and in the stroller. I also keep them in my classroom, because they are perfect for playing with my pupils when we need a break, when I want to raise their energy, and when I want to exercise specific materials, or just for fun in the middle of day.

Age The games are suitable to all ages, starting from the moment toddlers can walk, given each age and developing stage it's own adjustments.

Remember, the aim is fun with added value of:
  1. Eye-hand coordination.
  2. Response speed.
  3. Coordination.
  4. In some stages we also work on collaboration and understanding instructions.
Participants The games can fit to parent-s and one child or more, and up to a teacher with a class.

Time from 5 to 20 minutes.

Accessories balloons.

Aim The balloon must stay in the air J

Difficulty levels:
  1. Everyone keeps their balloon in the air; they can do it with the help of different body parts. Everyone keeps their balloon in the air but only with one body part- only hands/knees/shoulders/feet etc. The instructor or the players can determine which one body part to use and then change it after a few minutes.Playing catch with the entire group with 1 balloon- up to 21 catches.
  2. Playing catch with the entire group with an identical number of balloons as number of the players.
  3. Playing catch with several balloons, while every player can touch a balloon only once.
  4. Every player has his / hers own area, balloons shouldn’t fall there. If a balloon falls the player is disqualified.
  5. Group game- the last one who touched a balloon and didn't keep it in the air is disqualified.
  6. Free play J
 Short video about Air balloons games in Togi youtube channel:


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written by Sharon Ramon

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