Thursday, March 19, 2015

Exercises to strength shoulder belt for children

Around this time of year, parents are advised to strength their children's shoulders belt; mainly before the last kindergarten year and first class.

We believe that all the parents and educators need to know how to do it.

A strong shoulder belt influences the body's ability to sit and walk straight, to write, to catch and throw a ball, to climb, and to enjoy basically every movement.
Many children are sent even before the first grade to strengthen their shoulder belt, in order to better their performances in class and in writing. A strong shoulder belt is also important for building a confidence and being part of a social group, taking part in games with peers.

Following, are some exercises for this purpose:

1. Hanging from a horizontal bar.

2. Climbing up a fireman's pole or a rope.

3. Wheelbarrow walk.

4. Standing on fours and playing rolling ball with a friend.

5. Standing on six, then balancing the body while lifting opposite leg and hand in the air (while tightening the lower belly muscles and straightening the back).

6.Standing in an airplane position - moving the hands up& down  - maximum 5 cm above and lower than the shoulder.

7. Crawling with one's forearms.

8. Crab-walk (reversed standing on fours and advancing).

9. Playing catch with a ball - while constantly increasing the rhythm.

10. Juggling a tennis ball between 2 hands.

11. Painting on a large canvas on the wall.

12. Carrying one's body weight on the hands.
Good luck

From Togi Team

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* If you see no improvement, or have multiple challenges consult a professional.

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