Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why we have decided to create TOGI?

About six months ago I thought that I must develop an application that will provide parents and educators solutions to many daily situations and  needs.
after creating an amazing team they convinced me that I need to split my vision into two parts-

1. Togi- together in fun; an application that will provide games and ideas for mutual activities for parents & children (and educators), remind you to play :) enable you to set schedule and create play-dates.

2. Togi+ - an application that will be built from 4 different blocks, and will  provide you with more detailed information on different topics (social skills, shoulder belt, winning and loosing and more), and will enable you to build your own personal programs and more.

We know that information and solutions must be available to all. We know that moving more equals physical and emotional health, and helping children in all aspects of life, in and out of school.

In the first stage- TOGI we want to create a change in the way we live today. Being more active is a goal that will touch so many circles of life- physical health,mental health, relationships, development and more.
priorities must be changed, bur for that we need you to help us make an impact.
This is why TOGI is free, and we need your help in our funding campaign.

We hope to reach as many people and communities as possible, so we will be able to develop for IOS and TOGI+ and give tools, ideas and some of the answers to common questions.

In our business plan our achievements will be to create a cooperation, to reach communities, schools and organizations and build active communities.

So, we will very much appreciate your ideas and assistance!!

Thank you,

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