Friday, March 27, 2015

Music, body and soul

Music is one of the few common elements to all the cultures in the world, whether it is a cultural  characteristic or a connector between different languages or worlds. Music is an element that can trigger a huge variety of emotions: joy, enthusiasm, calmness, sadness, fright, pleasantness or unpleasantness etc.
Music can help us to connect to ourselves, to our body, which is the most effective tool for movement, achievement and expression of emotions. We sometimes forget this simple fact in our hectic life's packed with cognitive thinking, lots of sitting down and multiple electronic screens.

We will suggest you with some musical games you can play with your children. While playing them you will get familiar with your children emotional world, and will introduce them with your favorite music. You might even learn what sort of music they like. You might feel a bit awkward at start, but we are certain that all awkwardness will disappear once you start, and joy will take it's place.

All the games can develop to various directions, depends on where you will steer them. They all work on movement, coordination and rhythm. If you will dance a lot, your heart will also thank you :)

1. Teach the children the steps to one of your old favorites. For example:

2. Invent new steps with the children to favorite song - whether it is their favorite or yours.

3. Drum on your body and on improvised drums with a beat song

4. Choose a song/music that has a repetitive theme in it - tango, waltz, lambada or others. Ask the children to try and trace the repetitiveness in it, and try and dance the actual steps, or just invent new ones and repeat them - once to the left and once to the right.
How to dance Tango:

Tango Example:
How to dance - The Waltz:
Waltz music:

5. Play music and dance/jump freely to the sounds of it. stop the music every 30 seconds. when the music stops everybody needs to freeze in a funny position/statue/animal-like etc.

6. Introduce the children with your favorite songs. Step in the room to the sounds of the music, talk about it. Talk about the performing artist, about the feelings this songs brings to you, when did you first hear it, etc.
My favorite song:

7. Try and learn to listen to new kinds of music. Play a western country song and dance like in the wild west or square dancing. Play some Indian music and try some Indian moves....

8. Hold handkerchiefs in your hands and dance them in the air to the sounds of the music.

9. Play some calm music, lay on the floor on your back, take some deep breaths and relax.....

10. Just dance :)

Some music we like:

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