Saturday, March 7, 2015

Four dimensions of children's health, and how to increase it

Most of the time, while talking about children's health people are talking about two main parameters: Physical activity and food / diet.

We believe that there are four parameters:

1. Food / diet
  • What we eat
  • How much we eat
  • Balancing food (yes, including snacks and sweets)
  • Personal example
2. Parent- child connection
  • Trust
  • Personal example
  • Fun mutual time
  • Respect
3. Community
  • Security in the neighborhood/ play ground
  • Play dates
  • Ideas
  • Special events- by the communities /the schools & kindergartens / the municipality
4. Physical activity
  • Fun, challenge & creativity !!
  • Variety
  • Time
  • Different space challenges
  • Collaboration
  • Personal example.

Researchers have shown that PA (physical activity) improves our health, brain performance, concentration, self esteem, confidence, decreasing anxiety and more. mutual activities helps to profound relationships, deepen trust, increasing intimacy and openness. combining PA and mutual time together can use to give a role model and give our children quality time set with significant appraisal.

Children have group activities, we have our daily/ weekly walk/ gym time/ other PA and we hope that it's a role model, but when we are coping together, sweating, laughing and more the impact is much more significant, and the children enjoy it with and without us.

Only 15 years ago we had more time and more freedom- we spend more time out side, we walked more, we spent more time with our parents and more time with our peers as children. the challenges that play and PA brings contribute to all life aspects and to all the motoric development.

we, as parents and community need to make sure that we have time and space to move- in the yards, the park the play ground; and we play with our children and not just stand there we all benefit from it; parallel of course giving our children time to play alone and with their friends.

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